The anvelope all season manufacturer is who should determine the promotional mix of a anvelope all season product. Probably a heavy equipment manufacturer sales and highlight personal use only advertising to a minimum. This would make sense because the sale of such equipment often requires specialized sales and services provided by people outside the marketing department. Then advertising would be used primarily to locate potential customers sales force. Therefore, in the case of this manufacturer, direct sales costs will be high, while advertising costs are low.

By contrast, a company that produces popular discs will highlight elements of their services Market mass promotional mix. Maybe try to attract customers to the store through advertisements in local newspapers. You may also spend a considerable amount on television advertising to create sales orders through the mail. This promotional mix is the antithesis of an industrial company would choose.

Creating clever ads can be fun, but unless they are designed to achieve specific goals, it is likely that money is wasted. Therefore, whether the planning is done for paid advertising, free, sales or promotions, provision services Market oriented goals in a very specific way.

Personal sale

It refers to the direct or verbal presentation of the product is a conversation with the potential customer, in order to induce him to purchase. The best method of communication, as the consumer or prospective client can be attended individually.
The sales force must select prospective clients, conduct research for the company, present the products and make aftermarket services.

Promotional sale

Are all those different activities MARKETING sales staff and sales staff and sell (propaganda, advertising), which stimulate purchases by consumers and sales by the distributor. The elements used are exhibitors in sales sites, exhibitions, demonstrations, tasting, etc.., and other sales aids that are not part of daily or routine activity. Promotions can be oriented to the final consumer to the dealer or retailer. In the part concerning promotions general outline of these blocks.

Administration of sales

Training: The training methods are theoretical, practical and theoretical-practical continued. The theory refers to knowledge of the products distributed by the company. The practice involves clinical sales training, field work trips.

Compensation of vendors: The company must define the compensation system with vendors, so that they feel well motivated by the company. The company must define volumes and sales goals and the number of sellers. Payment systems can be: fixed salary, sales commissions and combined plans.

Mapping Territories: The work consists of assigning territories and the systematic program of tours and visits to current and potential customers.
Evaluation and control: This study evaluated the work of the sales team.